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Briefly about me

My name's Muhammadqodir Khamrakulov

Some people know me by the nickname Muhammadiy

I am an independent software developer currently based in Uzbekistan. I am one of the founders and CEO of Sombra, and also participated in many major projects. Most of my work is open source and publicly available on GitHub. If you happen to benefit from my OSS work, you can support me financially via GitHub Sponsors.

Social networks

You can follow me on Social networks, where I mainly write about development and IT. I am also a Hardware enthusiast and Software developer.

And i also a Linux user and a Free Software enthusiast

Organisations & Divisions

You can find out briefly about my companies in the Companies section. I am also a member of the following organizations

My hobbies

Apart from programming, managing and improving the company, I am not interested in any specific video games, but I can highlight some of them (Overwatch 2 and Cyberpunk 2077), Turkish cuisine, Japanese cuisine, F1 and collecting the first models of technology (example Apple iPhone 3G)